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Posted on: May 3, 2018

Consideration for Voluntary Conservation of Water is Requested

Citizen household and outdoor water use practices will highly impact the decisions made by the Board of Trustees in 2018.  Reviewing your usual living practices and changing habits of water usage can save water AND save money.  Laundry, dishwashing, showers, toilets and landscaping are just a few of the main water using practices for focus.  FIX LEAKS!  Dripping faucets, leaking sprinkler systems, outdoor faucets or hydrants and running toilets are the most obvious causes of water waste and high water bills.  The following websites can provide information on other ways to help conserve...

      CSU Homeowner's Guide to Household Water Conservation:


      Eartheasy 45+ Ways to Conserve Water in the Home and Yard:


      Home Water Works Tips for Residential Use:


      HomeAdvisor Water Conservation 101:


More information can be found in our Document Center at Documents -> Water -> Water Tips

For your convenience the link below provides access to SNOTEL, the monitoring site used throughout the West.  Additional information can be found at this and the above sites that may be found helpful.

USDA Snow Survey
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