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January 1, 2018 

Purpose of Request for Proposal: The Town of Orchard City is requesting proposals from qualified engineers to conduct a preliminary engineering study of its water treatment plant upgrades. The purpose of this study is to evaluate and develop a construction plan for the addition of the new treatment filter cell, improve clearwell chlorine contact time and upgrade control systems to Colorado Department of Health and Environment regulations. 

General Information: The Town of Orchard City Water Treatment Plant is located in Delta County and is easily accessed via State Highway 65. The Town’s current population is 3,100 (2000 Census). The Town owns decreed water rights and reservoir storage along with the right to collect water from springs on Grand Mesa. This raw water is collected through a complex system of collection boxes and pipes and delivered to the Town’s water treatment plant. The water treatment plant was built in 2000 and has a treatment capacity of 2 MG. The plant presently treats water to serve approximately 2100 water taps. The Town’s service area includes all residents within its boundaries, as well as limited number of rural residents in the unincorporated areas.

Treatment Plant System Condition: The Town’s water treatment plant system is in good working condition.

Format and General Content of Proposal: The selected engineering firm will be requested to complete the following tasks:

a) Evaluate existing water treatment facility, from the standpoint of public health problems or existing conditions associated with standards and regulatory, public health, environmental or safety issues.

b) Evaluate the existing clearwell and chlorine contact time to meet current and future needs.

c) Develop and recommend upgrades needed to the control system.

d) Develop detailed cost estimates for each of the part of the existing water treatment system (such as filter cell construction, clearwell improvements, control systems and items requiring upgrades for proper water treatment plant operations.) by segments, and provide recommended priorities based on available Water Fund resources within each of the categories of improvements.

e) Evaluate the benefits and impacts of the proposed improvements, as well as federal or state regulatory issues that need addressed in order to undertake the improvements.

The firm will be required to attend Town Trustee meetings, as requested, including providing a preliminary, 50% and 100% final report on the project at regular Town meetings and interim meetings with the Water Committee.

Available Resources: As-built drawings of water treatment plant and the Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Submittal Information: Engineering firms interested in being considered for this project should send the following information to the Town of Orchard City, 9661 2100 Road, CO 81410, attention of Melissa Oelke, Town Administrator:

1. Scope of work with description and breakdown of tasks, deliverables and time line.

2. Proposed process for accomplishing the tasks.

3. Contact information: Name of contact person, address and phone number.

4. Form of organization: Whether the firm is a partnership, corporation or sole proprietorship, where the firm is organized, and the names of principles, officers and directors of the firm.

5. Key personnel: Names of key personnel, their respective titles, experience and qualifications and their involvement in this project.

6. Statement of Qualifications: Proposals should include a concise statement of philosophy and approach to the project. The engineering firm should summarize his/her ability to provide the requested services.

7. Availability: A brief statement of the availability of key personnel of the firm to undertake the proposed project.

8. Project List: List of similar projects completed by firm, along with one copy of a similar study as a work sample. (This work sample will be returned upon request.)

9. An estimate of costs and a breakdown of hourly rates, as well as reimbursable costs. The Town prefers a contract based upon time and expenses with a statement maximum for proper completion of the work. 10. References: Names, titles, who they work for and telephone numbers of persons whom the Town can call for references regarding the firm’s past performance on similar projects.

Selection: The following criteria will be used in the selection of an engineering firm. These are guidelines and are not intended to be all-inclusive. They include: demonstrated insight, practical experience, technical knowledge and experience in the design of water systems, cost, and the ability to perform in a timely manner.

Deadline: Five copies of all materials must be submitted by 3 p.m., March 1, 2018, to Melissa Oelke, Town Administrator, 9661 2100 Road, Austin CO 81410.

Inquiries: Any questions regarding this request for proposal should be directed to: Melissa Oelke, Town Administrator, 970-835-3337.

A meeting with the top two selected teams may be requested prior to determining the final award of the project.

The award will be based on a 60/40 split with Qualification weighted at 60% and Procedures and Pricing collectively weighted at 40%.

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