Trustee Jan Gage

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Trustee Gage and her husband, Mike, moved from California twelve years ago to make Orchard City their home.

Trustee Gage has experience as a clerk, a corporate buyer, sales representative, sales manager, division manager, group vice president, executive vice president and chief administrative officer (CAO).  Trustee Gage has previously served Orchard City as a trustee and mayor pro-tem.  She served on the water, finance and personnel committees.  She also served on the Planning Commission for Orchard City.  Trustee Gage has been an active member of Hope West Hospice, currently sitting on the Delta Advisory Board.  She is both former and current president of the Orchard City Women's Club.  

Trustee Gage enjoys reading, cards, dominoes, cooking, canning, baking, and is beginning to do some ancestry.

Trustee Gage serves on the Park Committee and is the Town's representative on the Delta County Housing Authority.

Elected to a four year term in 2018, Trustee Gage asks "What would you like to know?  I'm an open book!"  We encourage everyone to use this as an invitation to get acquainted with her!     

Jan Gage